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Fazenda Cafundò Lot #13 - Piatã, Bahia


Brazil Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Fazenda Cafundò Lot #13 - Piatã, Bahia

The typical Brazilian coffee traits, such as chocolate and caramel, mixed with very sweet tropical fruits, orange and peach

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Fazenda Cafundò is located in Piatã, a municipality in the Bahia state inside the Chapada Diamantina, a plateau previously famous for its diamond mines and, nowadays, for its specialty coffees. The micro climate is in fact very favorable and characterized by a low yearly thermal excursion .

Fazenda Cafundò is absolutely unique in the Brazilian coffee scene. It is in fact a small farm producing less than 200 bags a year, processing the cherries with both natural (unwashed) and pulped natural (semi-washed) processes. The attention to production quality is just remarkable, so much that the one presented here is probably the best Brazilian specialty we have had the honor of roast so far at Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees.

The company, acquired by Pedro Santana Mesquita in 1999 and since then managed by him along with his wife, occupies 28 hectares. Only five of them are used for coffee cultivation. Pedro divided them in 10 different areas where he mainly grows Yellow and Red Catuai, although there are also a few Bourbon plants.

Coffee cherries are shade-grown under Gravellia trees. This approach is very unique in the Brazilian landscape, where coffee is mostly grown under the sun. The shadow, together with the altitude of the farm (1360m), results in a slower ripening of the cherries, which reach a higher sugar content perceivable in the cup: very sweet and complex.

Lot # 13 was worked according to a pulped natural process. After harvesting the cherries, strictly by hand, they are again visually selected to eliminate the under or over ripe ones. Cherry outer skins are then mechanically removed, leaving much of the pulp attached to the beans. The coffee is then dried on a patio. When the pre-set humidity level is reached, the parchment is hulled. The beans are visually inspected again, to eliminate any residual defects, and finally vacuum packed in 30kg aluminum multilayered bags for a perfect preservation. In such bags this coffee has reached Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees lab.

In the cup this coffee features the typical Brazilian coffee traits, such as chocolate and caramel, along with very sweet tropical fruits, orange and peach. Sugar sweetness, moderate red fruit acidity and high balance characterize this coffee when extracted as espresso or through a filter, making it perfect for both extraction types.

Piatã, Chapada Diamantina, State of Bahia
Fazenda Cafundò
1360 masl
Catuai, Bourbon
Processing method
Pupled Natural
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Chocolate, caramel, tropical fruits, orange, peach

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