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Great Distribution Partners for Great Specialty Coffees

Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees

We are excited when we hear from professional that share our same goal: consistently deliver coffee you can be proud to serve.
What you will get Nero Scuro is very simple:

  • High quality coffees: 100% Arabica beans from selected microlots. We don´t roast the cheaper Robusta coffee as we do not like its taste and we are not proud to serve it. We chose the beans solely based on their flavour.
  • A carefully crafted roasting process: we do not stock coffee bags, we roast only what you need and when you need, right before shipping it. We have a small 5kg, last generation roasting machine and we roast 2 to kg per batch to be able to perfectly control the temperature profile and ensure consistency.
  • A fair price: pay this the same – or more likely less – than what you pay a mediocre blend from a major off-the-shelf roaster that has to recover countless hidden costs.

We do not want to cut any corners. We don´t offer discounted espresso machine to our distribution partners, nor cups for free and sugar on top in exchange of long term agreements. We don´t want to be forced to sell you cheap and defective coffees at an unjustifiable high price. We don’t want to have hidden costs we need to recover, as eventually your customers will buy the coffee and not the machine or the cups.

If you operate a specialty coffee shop, a restaurant or a specialty food store and you feel to share our same goal, and you are interested to become a distribution partner, please get in touch. You will deal with a small, passionated company where the product comes first. We want to establish real partnership and we can provide support, training and advice and help you to sell and serve the best possible coffee.

Please feel the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Specialty coffees roasted to order in Italy and shipped for free (orders of 3+ bags to Italy, orders of 5+ bags to most EU countries)  •   info@neroscurocoffee.com  •   We ship worldwide!