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AA Kamwangi Lot #070, Kirinyaga


Kenya Filter

AA Kamwangi Lot #070, Kirinyaga

A super-fruity, outstanding Kenya full of cranberry and currant, a touch of ripe fruit and clear floral notes

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This is the first Kenya of the season we selected for you, and is no less than a spectacular coffee.


The lot came from Kianyaga's Kamwangi Coffee Factory, a small village in the Kirinyaga district on the Mount Kenya slopes. The green coffee was vacuum-packed at the mill, and as such it arrived to our roastery. The term "Coffee Factory" in Kenya identifies the processing mill, in this case owned by a small farmers cooperative, which obtained the Rainforest Alliance Certification, named New Ngariama Cooperative Society. The cooperative collects cherries from about 100 small owners each of whom manages about 250 trees. Grown varietals are the well-known SL 28 and SL 34, with minimal amounts of Ruiru and Batiak. 


Farmers bring ripen, hand-picked cherries on a daily basis to the mill where themselves make a first manual selection to remove over- and underripe. An Agaarde disc depulper removes skin and pulp from the cherries.

The coffee then is classified by density in 3 grades: grade 3 is discarded, while grades 1 and 2 are processed separately. This lot is composed of grade 1 beans only.

The coffee is fermented for 16 to 24 hours in closed tanks, using a dry fermentation approach: the coffee is firstly washed, then the water is discharged and the beans are left to ferment. After the fermentation, the beans are washed with stream water. They are then sorted again by density in the washing channels, then soaked in clean water for 16-18 hours until the mucilage is completely removed.

The beans are eventually dried for about three weeks on hessian beds, where they are continually turned during the day and covered with plastic sheets during the hottest hours of the day and at night to avoid sudden variations of residual moisture.

The beans, once reached a target moisture level at about 11%, are sent to the dry mill, where the parchment is mechanically removed and the beans of each lot are separated according to their size. The beans of the lot we propose are AA, that is, those of greater diameter inside the micro lot (grate 17/18). The beans are finally vacuum packaged to fully preserve their organoleptic characteristics and then put on auction, and so, intact and under vacuum, this lot has come to our lab.


We make no mystery that Kenya is one of our preferred origins, not only for its unique aroma and sensorial characteristics, also from the roasting point of view: the beans are very regular, high in density, processed to perfection and stabilised with vacuum packing. This means that there are no surprises when dropped into the roaster: the temperature profile and the speed of roasting can be perfected to the grade or the second, based on what the roaster wants to achieve aromatically and sensorially: these coffees always responds perfectly, and the Kamwangi makes no exception.

We feel this coffee expresses is superb extracted as filter. We roast it light but with a good bean development.

In the cup we recognise cranberry and currant, a touch of ripe fruit derived from perfect fermentation and clear floral notes, sweet and super fruity.

The coffee is structured and balanced, with a citric acid, in this case well-integrated, reminiscent of grapefruit.

Kianyaga, Kirinyaga District
Kamwagi Coffee Factory
1600-1800 masl
SL28, SL34
Processing method
Fully washed, dry fermented, dried on hessian beds
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Cranberry, currant, grapefruit, floral

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