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Nensebo Kelloo Lot #3, Sidamo Guji


Ethiopia Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Nensebo Kelloo Lot #3, Sidamo Guji

A super floral coffee with notes of rasperry, cherry and citrus fruits

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This outstanding coffee comes from a privately owned washing station in the small village of Werka in the Nensebo district of Sidamo. The total yearly production is only six containers, of which three processed using a fully washed approach, as the coffee proposed here, and three using a natural one.

The Lot #3 is composed of handpicked cherries delivered by several smallholders in the West Arsi area who deliver tiny amounts of Ethiopian Heirloom cherries on a daily basis to the wet mill. This coffee is a Grade 1, meaning the producers have put a lot of effort into selecting and grading the cherries during processing.

Whole ripe cherries are hand sorted for unripes and overripes before they go into production. They are then pulped using a traditional Agarde disc pulper and graded in the pulper by density.

The parchment is then fermented under water for 24 to 48 hours, graded in the washing channels where the water naturally separates the coffee by density and finally soaked for 12-24 hrs in fresh, clean water.

It is then moved to African drying beds. During the first few hours the drying process is performed under shade. The parchment is then dried in the sun for about 10-12 days, depending on the weather conditions. Coffees are covered in shade nets during midday and at night.

In the cup this coffee is rightly described as "super floral". We also found notes of raspberry, citrus fruits, cherries, spices. Very delicate but with a good body, is fantastic both for filter and espresso.

Nensebo, Sidamo Region
Washing Station
1900 masl
Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on African beds
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Floral, raspberry, citrus fruits, cherries

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