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Costa Rica

Finca El Llano Honey Catuai – San Marcos, Tarrazù


Costa Rica Filter

Finca El Llano Honey Catuai – San Marcos, Tarrazù

Delicate notes of tropical fruits, mango, and strawberry with a good body and balanced acidity

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This microlot comes from a tiny producer, Finca El Llano by Mauricio Jimenez located in San Marcos, Tarrazù region of Costa Rica. The farm, producing about forty bags of green coffee a year, is extended over 5 hectares at an altitude between 1800 and 2000m asl, all covered by shadow trees to favor the slow, perfect ripening of cherries.

Due to its small size, the farm is not equipped with a mill, and it uses the nearby micromill Don Eli by Carlos Montero and Marianela Montero, directly supervising the depulping operations.

Mauricio goes to the mill with his truck full of ripe, handpicked cherries. These are immersed in washing tanks and the floaters, the less mature cherries that float, are immediately removed. The ripe cherries pass through the depulping machine which, according to the honey preparation, partly removes skin and pulp from the beans.   After a further washing step, Mauricio lays the beans, still wet and enclosed in their parchment, directly on African beds located at El Llano. It takes from 6 to 8 days to achieve the right residual moisture content of about 10%. After removing the parchment, the green beans are vacuum packed and as such are shipped to us for roasting.

The microlot consists of only Catuaí varietal beans. In the cup, it presents delicate notes of tropical fruit, mango, and strawberry with good body and balanced acidity. Definitely sweet and complex, it is available roasted to order with a profile crafted for filter extractions.

Costa Rica
San Marcos, Tarrazù
Finca El Llano - Mauricio Jimenez
1800 - 2000 masl
Processing method
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Tropical Fruits, mango, strawberry

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