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Finca Las Nubes, San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango


Guatemala Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Finca Las Nubes, San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango

Very sweet, with notes of ripe fruit, light citric acidity and some floral hints

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This specialty coffee comes from the prestigious Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. Thanks to dry and hot winds blowing from the Mexican plain of Tehuantepec, the region of the Guatemalan Huehuetenango plateau is protected by winter frost and the recorded temperatures are rarely below 14 degrees. This allows growing coffee at extremely high altitudes and obtaining beans with pleasant acidity and full body, very juicy and sometimes floral.

Pedro Aguilar ran his first coffee plantation at the age of 12, planting seven coffee trees in his house's back yard. In the '20s he decided to transform his coffee passion into his career and he went, over the years, from those seven trees to the current 6,000, from which he produces about 400 bags of coffee annually at Finca Las Nubes, a 6-hectare farm located at 1,650m in Nojoya, part of the San Antonio Huista municipality of Huehuetenango.

A few years ago he decided to obtain the Rain Forest Alliance certification, and it was then when he realized he has been acting in accordance to nature long before the market required this. He also regularly takes part to all regional competitions, to have clear directions on how he's working and what he can do to continuously improve the quality of his beans.


Finca Las Nubes's coffee, mainly Caturra and Bourbon varietals with some Pache trees, is cultivated according to the shaded-grow approach. Coffee plants are shaded by other higher plants, such as Inga, Grevillea Robusta and other fruit trees. Each cherry is hand picked only when ripe and is then processed according to a fully washed process at the property mill, fed by spring waters which are cleaned and treated before being re-entered into the stream crossing the finca. Skin and pulp are removed mechanically from the cherries. The beans are then moved into a fermentation tank until bacteria and yeasts have removed the remaining mucilage from the grain in about 22 hours. The beans are then washed in fresh water and soaked for about 24 hours. They are finally laid out on a patio to dry. It takes about 10 days to dry them out. Over this period they are frequently moved and turned around. Once the parchment has been mechanically removed, the beans are packed in GrainPro bags to avoid further contact with external agents or moisture during the transportation and storage.


Among the Guatemalas from the last harvest we cupped early in the year, this is definitely among those we liked the most. In the cup it is sweet, with notes of ripe fruit (remembering almost a _natural__ coffee though being a fully washed one), cocoa, nut, light citric acidity and some floral hints. This is a great coffee for both filter and espresso.

Nojoya, San Antonio Huista
Finca Las Nubes
1600-1650 masl
Caturra, Bourbon, Pacha
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on a patio
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Ripe fruit, cherries, citric acidity, floral

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