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Finca Auromar Natural Geisha - Piedra Candela


Panama Filter

Finca Auromar Natural Geisha - Piedra Candela

Jasmine, ripe cherries, nectarine, almond for this natural Geisha from Panama

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Auromar is a project dedicated to the production of high-quality Geisha in a sustainable environment, preserving the surrounding flora and fauna. The finca is located in the highlands of Piedra Candela, near the border between Panama and Costa Rica. It covers 30 hectares, but only half of them are cultivated, the rest remains untouched tropical forest.

The owner, Roberto Brenes, is a person with very varied interests. As a young man, Brenes was an explicit critic of the dictatorial regime of Noriega and was twice exiled from the country. Brenes attended the Columbia University in New York where he earned an MBA, which led him to work in the banking sector while further exiled in South America. At the end of the dictatorship, Brenes was offered the role of president of the Central Bank of Panama, and later he founded the Panama Stock Exchange. The passion he has had in his life is now poured into coffee cultivation, and the results are evident.

This microlot is prepared according to a natural process. The ripe cherries are hand-carried to the process area in the farm (no more than 800 meters from the farthest tree). There, they are laid on “African beds”: raised drying beds made from wood and mesh screens at waist height that let air and light over and under the beans. The coffee is then allowed to dry during the day, and some moonlighted nights. Depending on the weather, it will take between 20 to 30 days to complete the process. Only the ripest, middle or late harvest cherries are used to produce the Auromar natural coffee.

In the cup, this coffee scores well above the ninety points. It shows notes of jasmine, ripe cherries, nectarine, almond. Velvety body and intense aftertaste, it is roasted to order in 350g batches, for filter only!

Piedra Candela
Finca Auromar - Roberto Brenes
1770 masl
Processing method
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Jasmine, ripe cherries, nectarine, almond

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