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Fazenda Santa Cecilia, Carmo do Paranaíba


Brazil Espresso & Moka Pot

Fazenda Santa Cecilia, Carmo do Paranaíba

Great structure and transparency with notes of dark chocolate, vanilla, cane sugar, dark rum, tropical fruits

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Santa Cecilia is a farm located in the Carmo do Paranaíba region, Minas Gerais state, Brazil.

The coffee plantation is owned by Geraldo Gonçalves Siqueira and his wife, who have founded the company and are directly involved in all of its management. The farm covers a total area of ​​20 hectares, but only 17 of them are used to grow the Catuai coffee varietal only, of which they produce less than 200 bags per year.

The cherries are picked by hand only, to ensure that only ripe cherries are harvested and processes.

The microlot Nero Scuro is roasting for you has been processed according to a semi-washed process (pulped natural).

After a further manual screening of the cherries to eliminate those too much or too little ripen, the outer skin is removed mechanically, while retaining much of the mucilage attached to the bean.

The cherries are then dried on patios in layers with a total height of about 4 cm or less. They are hand-turned several times throughout the day to ensure an homogeneous drying and avoid unwanted over-fermentations.

Once dried, the parchment is removed mechanically from the bean and the resulting green coffee is placed in GraiPro bags to protect and preserve them from moisture or contaminants during shipment.

This coffee really surprised and delighted us. In the cup it shows great structure and transparency. The notes that come out of the cup are those of dark chocolate, vanilla, cane sugar and dark rum, along with tropical fruits similar to mangoes.
The acidity is moderate and similar to that of a red apple. An exceptional espresso coffee!

Carmo do Paranaíba, Minas Gerais
Fazenda Santa Cecilia, Geraldo Gonçalves Siqueira
1100 masl
Processing method
Pulped natural (semi-washed)
Medium, crafted for espresso and moka pot
Tasting Notes
Dark chocolate, vanilla, cane sugar, rum, tropical fruits

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