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Finca El Trilladero Luis Ernesto Trujillo Lot - Tarqui, Huila


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Finca El Trilladero Luis Ernesto Trujillo Lot - Tarqui, Huila

A Castillo microlot from Huila: plum, raspberry and orange with floral notes

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This fantastic microlot comes from Tarqui, a small town in the department of Huila, located in the middle of the Andes mountain range. In the area the cherries are grown at high altitude, up to 2000m above sea level, in a wide variety of microclimates that give each coffee unique characteristics.

The plantations are usually very small, from 1 to 3 hectares each. This specific lot was produced by Luis Ernesto Trujillo at Finca El Trilladero, who selected for it only Castillo beans. In spite of the surname, typical of the area, Luis Ernesto Trujillo has no family ties with Nelson Trujillo, of Finca La Pradera, of whom we had the pleasure, a few months back, to roast a caturra-only microlot.

The processing protocol followed by Luis Ernesto is very rigid and completely oriented towards obtaining exceptional quality. It is also representative of the typical processing approach for specialty microlots in the Huila area.

The Cherries are picked strictly by hand over several days to ensure that they are removed from the tree only when perfectly ripe.

The fruits are firstly subjected to a dry fermentation in order to remove their peel and pulp. According to this process, the first step requires a mechanical depulper to coarsely remove peel and mucilage from the beans before transferring them into fermentation tanks. The beans then stay in the fermentation tank for about three days, so that the yeast and bacteria consume the remaining pulp. Some intermediate rinses with clean water help to perfectly control the fermentation process and avoid the formation of undesired aromas due to excessive fermentation.

The beans, covered at this stage almost only by the parchment, are then moved into small channels to fully wash them and remove any floaters , those immature beans that, in fact, float on the water as lesser dense than the ripen ones.

Finally, the beans are dried in parabolic greenhouses open on both sides, to slowly reduce and stabilise the level of residual moisture. The greenhouses also protect the coffee from rain. It takes up to 18 days to get to the right amount of moisture, around 11.5%. During the phase, the beans are turned regularly and any defective beans is removed manually.

The green coffee, once the parchment is mechanically removed, is vacuum packed in order to preserve its flavour characteristics, and so it came to our laboratory. This packaging requires the previous phases to have been carried out perfectly so that the residual moisture content is stable and correct.

The microlot turned out excellent both as pour over and espresso extractions, therefore we developed two specific profiles with each extraction in mind. The tasting notes include plum, raspberry and orange, with a slight but perceptible floral aroma, especially in dry aroma.


Tarqui - Huila
Finca El Trilladero - Luis Ernesto Trujillo
1600 masl
Processing method
Dry fermented, fully washed
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Plum, raspberry, orange, floral notes

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