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Miko Remera Shade #18, Nyamagabe


Rwanda Filter

Miko Remera Shade #18, Nyamagabe

Perfect for filter with beautiful rose hip florals and so much sweetness

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Remera is a washing station in the Nyamagabe district, South of Rwanda, owned by Epiphanie Muhirwa and his son Samuel. They began to operate the washing station in mid 2000 and they have been strongly focused on quality ever since.

The Remera washing station have been always paying prices above the market rates in order to obtain only the best selective picking and sorting from the mic farms of the area. Samuel tends to collect the cherries using Remera own truck from the farms located at higher altitudes in order to get only the most dense beans available.

Samuel have been working with our green coffee partner, Nordic Approach, on experiments entailing lot separation and alternative drying techniques by building a massive steel structure with different levels for shade drying parchment.

The microlot Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees roasted for you comes straight from one of these shading structures (the number 18) and is amongst the few that obtained the highest cup scores (90!).

The process followed by Remera and Nordic Approach is very articulated yet effective. The pre-sorted cherries are initially placed in a tank where the floaters are removed and sorted out again to separate the unripes and overripes. The cherries are then pulped by a traditional 3 disc pulper to remove pulp and skin, the beans are then graded and dry fermented for up to 16 hours.

The parchment is washed and graded again in water channels based on the bean density, then soaked under clean water in tanks for 12 hours. It is then taken to pre-drying tables, which are under shade, and hand sorted again, as it is much easier to see further defects underlying shade.

The parchment is finally taken to the larger shade drying facility where it is continually sorted and turned during the four weeks it takes to dry under shade.

The result is a fantastic coffee: very sweet with florals, citrus notes, rose-hip and yellow fruits. It is a perfect coffee for filter extractions.

Miko, Nyamagabe district
Washing Station
Remera Washing Station, Muhirwa family
1900 masl
Rwanda Bourbon Heirloom
Processing method
Fully washed, dried under shades
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Sweet, yellow fruit, rosehip, floral, citrus

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