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Granja La Esperanza Las Margaritas Pacamara X.O. - Cauca Valley


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Granja La Esperanza Las Margaritas Pacamara X.O. - Cauca Valley

With a cup score above 90 points, this competition lot has notes of passion fruit, amaretto, dark chocolate along with hints of tropical fruits, pineapple.

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Cafe Granja La Esperanza, in the Cauca Valley of Colombia, is possibly the most famous Colombian producer of ultra-specialty microlots. The Pacamara XO. from their Finca Las Margaritas is no exception. With a cup score above 90 points, it is a competition lot with notes of passion fruit, amaretto, dark chocolate, along with hints of tropical fruits, like pineapple. Funky!

Finca Las Margaritas is located in the department of Valle del Cauca, at about 1700masl in the municipality of Caicedonia. The Herrera family, coffee growers for three generations, owns the farm. The microlot is composed of Pacamara varietal only. Such varietal is a cross between a natural mutation from the bourbon varietal, named Pacas, and a mutation of the Typica varietal, named Maragogype.

The coffee is prepared using a natural hybrid process that Granja calls XO., inspired by the French Cognac long aging periods.

The cherries are strictly hand-picked only when perfectly ripe by highly trained employees. They are then fermented with the skin and mucilage for about 22 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is left in the silo for a resting period of up to 72 hours. The skin is then mechanically removed without water, and finally, a second fermentation step with parchment and mucilage only is carried out for 35 hours. The coffee is subsequently dried over raised beds and then rested for three months, to stabilize it.

This highly controlled fermentation brings out the exceptional cup profile of this coffee, roasted by Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees, with a profile crafted only for filter extractions.

Minimum resting period: 7 days for filter roast.

Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
Finca Las Margaritas, Granja La Esperanza
1450 - 1800 masl
Processing method
Hybrid XO. proces
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Passion fruit, amaretto, dark chocolate, tropical fruits, pineapple

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