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Roasting schedule over Christmas period

Roasting schedule over Christmas period <br><br>

We're having some changes on the roasting dates over Christmas period. We'll be roasting:  

  • on December 14-15, shipping on Monday 16 (last shipment before Christmas)
  • on December 21-22, shipping on the 23rd (last session of the year, place your order by December 20, 11 AM)

----- Closed for Christmas Holidays from 24 to 2 of January-----

  • The first roasting days of 2020 will be on January 3-4-5, shipping on January 7 (place your order by January 3, 11 AM)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Summer Closure:
August 5 to 21

Summer Closure:<br>August 5 to 21

Dear Coffee Lovers,

We are taking a break this August to keep ourselves updated on the latest coffee trends and take the chance to rest a bit too :-)

The roastery will be closed from the 5th to the 21st of August.

The last day of production before our holidays will be the 3rd, with shipping on the 5th.

We will be back on the 22nd and up & running on the 24th (shipping on the 26th) with many new specialty coffees, stay tuned for more.

Have a great summer folks!

Peace, love and coffee 

This is What We Do

This is What We Do

Small Batch Specialty Coffee Roasting to order: This is What We Do. 

Nero Scuro was founded on a simple concept: we never roast anything that does not excite us or that we would not be pleased to drink ourselves.
Our coffee is our passion and the heart of our business: we import, roast and sell only what we consider to be the finest coffees available. As a micro-roastery, the way we operate is both simple and rare: we roast no more than four kilograms per batch, and do this only after a customer has placed an order to ensure freshness and quality. We pack the coffee in high quality bags with degassing valves right after roasting it, and ship them shortly thereafter. We spend countless hours perfecting the roasting profile of each coffee before adding it to our collection. We use a classic drum roaster, equipped with advanced temperature control systems to ensure that our results are consistent and repeatable.

In conclusion, we are proud to use an approach to roasting that has not acquiesced to faster, less expensive methods or to the practice of producing high volumes to decrease costs. Our goal is to create a unique product that allows our customers to experience the full flavours and aromas typical of each region the coffee comes from. We take pride in the success we have achieved in this endeavor.

Un lotto da competizione, Brewers Cup - Egu Abaya Diima Natural Lot #1 - Guji

Un lotto da competizione, Brewers Cup - Egu Abaya Diima Natural Lot #1 - Guji

Oggi si è svolta la prima tappa delle selezioni italiane di Brewers Cup presso Caffè Musetti.

Super complimenti a tutti i qualificati per le finali di Sigep Rimini. In particolare a Raimondo Morreale con il quale abbiamo preparato questa gara, mettendo a punto un lotto Etiope molto interessante, che poi lui ha estratto ad arte vincendo la tappa.

Ci vediamo a Rimini con nuove emozioni!

Se vuoi assaggiare il lotto in questione lo trovi qui: 



Special Promotion for International Coffee Day 2018

Special Promotion for International Coffee Day 2018

Dear coffee lovers,

We're having a special promotion for the International Coffee Day:

10% discount on all your favorite coffees when ordered online between October 1st and October 2nd. 
Use PROMO code when required during the checkout: CoffeeDay10

or click on the link below to apply the discount to the cart:


Moka Pot Coffee & Tonic

Moka Pot Coffee & Tonic

Oldie but goldie ;-) and it's still our favourite summer drink.

In case you don't own an espresso machine, you can prepare an espresso &tonic with a moka pot/stovetop espresso maker. This the recipe we used. Enjoy folks!



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